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Hi, thanks for stopping by to visit to my site. I work for the Aspen Consolidated Sanitation District, located in Aspen, Colorado. I am a maintenance technician / electrician for the district. My daily duties at the plant are to help with any and all maintenance duties as well as to do any required electrical repairs and maintenance. This can involve anything from teardown and rebuilding of all pumps to repairing or replacing soft start equipment for the 100 and 150 horse power centrifugal blowers. I also repair, replace, and reprogram all of the VFDs (variable frequency drives). To date, I can not recall any piece of major equipment that I have not had a hand on in the facility. I have also done a lot of the repair and maintenance of the SCADA (system, control, and data, aquisition) equipment. This includes the diagnosis and replacement of bad I/O modules, power supplies, CPUs, chassis, and associated equipment on the programmable logic controllers. A good deal of my time is spent repairing, replacing, calibrating, and installing new instrumentation. This would include certain pieces of equipment like chlorine meters, flow meters, (both open channel flumes and closed pipe mag-meters) vibration meters, (accelerometers) suspended solids sensors, and DO (dissolved oxygen) meters. This part of the job is probably the most enjoyable, entertaining and challenging. I always enjoy a good challenge! I also work on all of the MAUs (make up air units) and HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) equipment. I hold a "Universal Technician" certification issued by the EPA to handle refrigerant gas, to work on the A/C systems. Additionally, my duties are to diagnose and repair any of the computer systems on site and at the office for the district. This includes helping to maintain the LAN, (ethernet) WAN, (Internet) and WIFI, (wireless) systems.

Click on the links to the left to see some of the projects that I have had a hand in completing at the Aspen Consolidated Sanitation District Wastewater Treatment Facility.

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